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  • Social / community engagement
  • Soil amelioration
  • Revegetation, ecology, biodiversity
  • Landform rehabilitation, economic use
  • Water management (erosion) 
  • Monitoring and sensing



  • TBA

Mine Closure Management

Mine closure and relinquishment offer many challenges with rehabilitation and relinquishment. Planning for closure and rehabilitation, or secondary commercialisation, early in the mining lifecycle is likely to yield more cost-effective results than treating it late when economics have deteriorated.

enviroMETS Qld is identifying project opportunities to work with an expanded group of interested parties to under feasibility work to repurpose and remediate abandoned mine land.

Mary Kathleen Abandoned Mine Site

Whereas the Chariah site near Charters Towers is less complex, with an easier solution. It is in the Department of Resources AMLP ‘Care & Maintenance’ program. It has potential as a test or demonstration site for repurposing and associated remediation.

Historical, cultural, social, environmental, educational or economic value of abandoned mines are considered when developing management and/or remediation plans.

enviroMETS Qld feasibility process will involve facilitating planning workshops with government agencies, local community engagement, technical collaborations, research on reuse and remediation, and improvements in land use, rehabilitation design of vegetation and landform.

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