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Many of Queensland’s operating mines have reached or are approaching the end of their productive life in the coming decades. As the 1200 or so abandoned mine sites attest, successful mine closure or economic post mining outcomes are historically rare. There are many more mines that will close operations in the next decade.

enviroMETS (Qld) Limited has been established to find innovative ESG solutions and sustainable ways to make mining impacted land valuable to its future custodians. This Mission recognises the diverse range of challenges that can be overcome by adopting a collaborative approach to technical innovation, fresh thinking about repurposed land use and new land remediation methods.

The concept of "Net Best Value". Finding technologies, policies and practices that enhance the competitiveness of an enterprise while simultaneously advancing economic, societal, and environmental value in the communities in which it operates.

As an independent industry led, not-for-profit company, it facilitates research activities, shares knowledge, identifies solutions to problems, coordinates projects and provides an innovation eco-system for its participants.

We are initially seeking a number of regional Queensland abandoned or impending closure mine sites to establish commercially sound demonstration Projects, where our research, innovative SME suppliers, government agencies and industry corporates can collaborate to recommercialise or repurpose and remediate.

Such sites will bring together more than one of our Expertise Streams to create a sustainable environmentally and socially sound  solution that benefits a wide stakeholder group. Engaging industry, government, researchers and local communities.

Please Contact Us with information on sites, projects or ideas that we can pursue.

Join US - Make a Difference

enviroMETS is a network of over 250 organisations committed to finding innovative and sustainable higher value opportunities in mining impacted land, and communities, post mining. To empower that opportunity we need more skills, experience and connections as 'members', directors and advisors.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future!  Be part of something extraordinary.

Directors - Expression of Interest has been established to find innovative ESG solutions and sustainable ways to make mining impacted land valuable to its future custodians. Follow this link to more information.

Project Technical Advisors: Make Contact to discuss how you or your organisation might lead an expanding range of research and commercial projects that seek to economically transform post mining land. Contact us from this link.

Registered Members: Expanding our network - ecosystem opens more opportunities within and beyond the mining sector. We need mining industry people, we also need the creative people from outside mining to be the ones that can look past the current land use to see new commercial uses for 'holes in the ground'.  Register to join and stay in touch with new opportunities. 

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