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enviroMETS Qld is committed to organisational excellence and underpinned by a robust governance structure. It chooses undertake all its activities and interactions ethically and in accordance with behaviour standards set out in agreed policies and procedures. 

These ethical governance principals arise from consultation with and responding to our members, clients, employees, volunteers, and stakeholders. 


enviroMETS Qld has been established with a founding board of four initial directors. They have agreed to act as directors and who are named as proposed directors in the application for registration of the Company.

One early task for these directors is to expand the board to provide industry recognised representation for the interest groups of the innovation ecosystem. These directors may also offer specialist skills and experience in one or more of the Expertise Streams enviroMETS will provide for its participants. See Our People

Another task is for the board to identify additional (Founding) "Members" to enable and ensure the company fulfils its intent to be and independent and industry led not-for-profit company.

Company Purpose

enviroMETS Qld is established to be a not-for-profit entity to find innovative and sustainable ways to make mining impacted land valuable to its next custodians. Support advancement and increase competitiveness of mining equipment, technology and services associated with mine lifecycle planning, tailings, mine waste, mine affected water and mining land remediation in Australia, particularly in Queensland by:

(a)conducting and sharing research into improvements to the processes and innovative re-commercialisation, repurposing and remediation ideas used in the industry;

(b)working with government at all levels to ensure that the interests of industry, community and environmental represented in regard to the public decision-making process; 

(c)providing a forum for all people engaged in and beyond Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector to discuss best practice and enhancing the future of mining land;

(d)carrying on any business or activity which may seem to the organisation capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with the Purpose with which this organisation is established; and

(e)doing all such other things necessary, incidental or conducive to achieving the above purpose.

A copy of the company constitution is available here: 220826.Constitution of enviroMETS V2.7.pdf


The following policies have been established and authorised by the board.

Use of Electronic Media

We recognise that our people need access to electronic media systems and associated tools in order to successfully fulfil their role. They may also have reasonable access for limited personal use.

220929.eMQ Use of Electronic Media Policy.pdf

Code of Conduct 

Collaborating participants are expected to adopt the highest standards of professionalism, fairness, and integrity. They must act in the best interests of the public and their employer. 

220929.eMQ Code of Conduct.pdf


enviroMETS Qld places great importance on ensuring that working with the company is done so free of any personal discrimination.  

220929.eMQ Anti-Discrimiation Policy.pdf

Website Privacy 

EnviroMETS Qld respects your right to privacy and is committed
to safeguarding the privacy of our customers, website visitors and others whom we engage.

220929.eMQ Website Privacy Policy.pdf

Legislative Compliance

The operations of enviroMETS Qld are subject to, and comply with, a wide range of legal requirements, embodied in legislation, regulations, licences, codes, and binding guidelines.

220929.eMQ Legislative Compliance Policy.pdf

Conflict of Interest 

We support high standards of ethical conduct and accordingly place great importance on making clear any existing or potential conflict of interest at all levels of the organisation.

220929.eMQ Conflict of Interest Policy.pdf

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