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Lighthouse Project One
Post Mining Land Use - Regulatory and Industry Practices

This "Consultative Report" was made public late 2023 to the project stakeholder group. It is not meant to provide a comprehensive summary of all the possible positive and not-so-positive factors impacting on potential PMLU in Queensland. Its intent was to identify and raise significant observations about the systemic barriers and enablers to promoting positive PMLU outcomes, giving strategic opportunities for both government and industry.

Posted 17 January 2024    Website Link

The World’s Most Successful Mine Rehabilitation Project

Just 50 km down the M1 from Brisbane lies, arguably, the world’s most commercially successful mining land rehabilitation; Gold Coast – Australia’s 5th largest city. 

Created by entrepreneurs who found a new value in old mining land that had been extensively mined for mineral sands since the late 1800s. These mines coexisted with it new future through to 1970s, with the Queensland Government being the regulator, facilitator and beneficiary of the land use. transformation

Posted 13 May 2024     Download Link

An Introduction to enviroMETS
and the Lighthouse Projects

As the company goals are achieved, new things are learned and challenges emerge, we update our 'introduction' presentation. 

This update was created early Mar'24 prior to our annual strategic planning session.

Posted 13 March 2024      Website Link

Creating Opportunities
from Liabilities

When it comes to post mining land use, it’s time to shift our mindset. We are on the cusp of a significant shift with mining challenges.  

We need to reframe the conversation about Post-Mining Land Use (PMLU) from the traditional focus on the liability of mining activities requiring it to be returned to past state, to prioritizing solutions that convert the as-mined asset into best possible high-value productive PMLU opportunities. 

Posted 10 May 2024     Download Link 

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