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  • Characterisation (testing and lab)
  • Design, stability, and safety
  • TSF operation & management 
  • Containment systems
  • Progressive tailings rehabilitation
  • Repurposing / alternate uses


  • TBA


  • Queensland Tailings Group
  • TBA

Geotechnical Engineering & Tailings Dams

The very public failure of large Tailing Storage Facilities (TSF)s put a lot of focus on the geotechnical engineering practices, design and monitoring of dams. The concept of slurry tailings transport and their long-term (permanent ?) safe storage is challenged.

Tailings dam at Chariah in Charters Towers

TSFs vary on content, construction and capacity widely, as does their inherent risk and impact of a failure event. enviroMETS Qld will develop a recognised group of SME firms, academics, and expert consultants to provide a cluster of capability for the industry to develop new strategies, technologies and methods for tailings handling and storage.

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