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  • Geochemistry & ARD (testing and lab)
  • Contaminated site assessment
  • Hydrogeology & water balance
  • Water-efficient & beneficial reuse 
  • Mine water recovery & treatment
  • Natural and engineered wetland treatment



    • TBA

Geochemical Engineering, Acid Rock Drainage & Mine Affected Water

There is considerable evidence of a lack of appreciation of affects in past, and more recent mismanagement of mine waste rock which mobilize acidity, metal (loid)s, and other contaminants, and thereby negatively affect downstream environments. Acid rock drainage and mine affected water provides many research challenges and opportunities.

Old mine pit water drainage management at Mount Morgan Mount Morgan was mined for over 100 years leaving a heritage site, that also displays issues and challenges of acid rock drainage that were unknown in earlier times. Now we are developing technologies to deal with the residual impact in parallel with its re-commercialisation potential. 

Long-term management is site specific and challenging. We will be seeking and retaining skilled and experienced technical leadership to identify and support research and practical application of innovations that can deliver sustainable improvements to how water is used and affected in mining.

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