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Investing in innovative post-mining land use (PMLU) projects is most likely to be some form of joint venture of synergistic enterprises leveraging each other's competencies, or a public private partnership that recognises and rewards the wider societal benefits they deliver.

The strongest business cases will be those that quantify value generated across the five areas that enviroMETS recognise:

  1. Recommercialising the available mineral extraction of historic or new critical minerals typically using new technologies.
  2. Repurposing of all or part of a mine site for new commercial purposes, ideally a group of purposes that leverage circular economy principles.
  3. Increasing social value of impacted communities, via improved services, education and health facilities, job opportunities and property values.
  4. Net better environmental outcomes by reprocessing polluting waste materials, rebuilding structures, improving water management and restoring natural ecosystems.  
  5. Creating or restoring value in our indigenous cultural and/or European mining heritage history.

The Net Best Value projects can deliver significant long-term value for many investors. Our Lighthouse Project Two seeks to develop a reliable, repeatable and comparable 'business case methodology' to apply to any PMLU opportunity.

enviroMETS Qld has a strong interest in contributing to achieve a net best sustainable long-term outcome for multiple stakeholders, industry, government and community. Project investors are attending our events looking to support PMLU projects that have strong ESG outcomes. 

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