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About Us

enviroMETS Qld is an independent, industry led, not-for-profit, company established with a mission to find innovative and sustainable new ways to make mining impacted land more valuable to its current, and future custodians.

The company is uniquely designed as an independent, industry-led not-for-profit entity funded by government and industry. It is an industry cluster, or innovation ecosystem that has the capacity and capability to solve wicked industry-wide problems, like increasing value of Post Mining Land Use.

We are not designed as a member organisation, rather we focus on developing collaborative participation in projects and supporting events to solve industry problems.

Our objective is to empower and grow the established innovative eco-system, a cluster group, pursuing the vision, mission and values below. We do this by focusing on deliverable project outcomes that create sustainable value for our stakeholder groups. Download our Presentation.

These groups being:

    • SME Suppliers, seeking to research and commercialise new innovations.
    • Corporate Mining and METS Firms, looking for new solutions to problems
    • Academia R&D Education Organisations, who pursue collaborative research 
    • Government & SOEs, that underpin the growth of jobs and wealth in Qld.
    • Capital Investment Providers, seeking de-risked ESG projects in resources.
    • Peak Bodies and related Organisations, who support industry members.



People and firms who join us may entrust their property, ideas, and commitment.

We will respect what they offer in good faith in advice and collaboration.

This trust will be rewarded by acknowledgement and shared benefits.


The enduring asset of our relationship will be our reputation, as individuals, as firms and a group.

In all our actions, stated or implied, we will act honestly, professionally, and with integrity.

We expect every action is tested with; “Is this the right thing to do?”


We operate in a politically and socially sensitive area of the mining sector.

The things we do, and don't do, will be noticed.

All of our activities will be undertaken in a manner that brings credit to us as a group, firms involved,  people and an industry.


We listen, learn, and seek collaboration.

Our collaborations are designed to create value for the industry participants, and the wider community.

We will not restrain our thinking by working in silos.

We welcome engagement with industry and community partners.


The cluster organisation will ensure good governance principles throughout all our interactions and transactions.

We will behave and present ourselves professionally as a business would expect of themselves.

We spend monies entrusted to us by funders, sponsors and earned through activities wisely, as if it is our own.


At its core, clustering is successful by the increasing commercialised collaborative innovation by 15 – 20%.

Innovation creates new things, mitigates risks, reduces complexity, and uses resources more efficiently.

We leave a shallower footprint where we have been, and where we will go in the future.

Continuous innovation excites us. We should never stand still.


  • Expand Communications

    by sharing knowledge amongst its SMEs, researchers, mining firms, government, and the wider community.

  • Improve Collaboration

    to benefit active participation in clustering supported projects.

  • Facilitate Innovation

    outcomes by accelerating commercialisation of research and abandoned mine rehabilitation and waste use technologies.

  • Accelerate Growth

    outcomes by accelerating commercialisation of research and abandoned mine rehabilitation and waste use technologies.

  • Explore Opportunities

    outcomes by accelerating commercialisation of research and abandoned mine rehabilitation and waste use technologies.

  • Create Commercial Value

    outcomes by accelerating commercialisation of research and abandoned mine rehabilitation and waste use technologies.

our history

enviroMETS™ (Qld) Limited [enviroMETS] is a refreshed and expanded spin-off from METS Ignited’s 'Tailings & Mine Affected Water" Cluster initiated with funding from the Queensland Government in 2018. It evolved into an independent, industry-led, not-for-profit company in 2022. 

METS Ignited recognised that many of Queensland’s operating mines have, or will have, reached the end of their productive life in the coming decades. As the 1200 or so abandoned mine sites attest, successful mine closure or economic post mining outcomes are historically rare. 

eMQ responds to the diverse range of challenges that may be overcome by adopting a successful collaborative approach to improve outcomes of mine affected land for industry, communities, and the environment.

While mining operations may have extracted much of the original value of the land, it is eMQ's mission to devise innovative and sustainable repurposing, recommercialising, and rehabilitation solutions in order to ensure the land is valuable to its next custodians.

Regional mining communities will embrace this initiative as an opportunity to diversify their economic base and transform into sustainable communities. 

Our Vision

enviroMETS will be recognised globally as a leading ‘Centre of Excellence’ in developing innovative solutions for sustainable management and ‘net benefit’ improvement of residual outcomes of mining operations. 

Our METS sector companies will enjoy global market opportunities in the provision of proven technically superior post mining land use solutions.

Regional mining communities will have a diversified sustainable economic base. 

This QLD based industry eco-system (cluster) will make a significant positive change in the Environmental, Social and Governance of mining - past, present and future.

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