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The capabilities of our Innovation Ecosystem is drawn from the collective skills and experience of its active participants 

All active participants benefit from and contribute to a common collaborative approach to finding innovative and sustainable new solutions to increasingly complex industry challenges.

Simply put, industry clusters are collaborative concentrations of related industry organisations. They consist of companies, suppliers, and service providers, as well as government agencies and other institutions that provide education, information, research, and technical support to a regional economy. 

Read more about the benefits of an Innovation ecosystem here.


Finding innovative ESG outcomes and sustainable ways to generate more value from mining impacted land for its current and future custodians. 


The mining industry is a major economic contributor, responsible for the land disturbance and the initial mineral value extraction operations. It also has a responsibility to leave behind a positive legacy once mining activites finish. 

The ‘Net Best Outcome’ solution that enviroMETS pursue for that legacy will often also involve innovations in other industry sectors and adapting them for our mining sector. 

enviroMETS network of researchers, small-medium companies, government relationships and corporate participants reaches within and beyond the mining industry for innovative and sustainable solutions. 

We identify, build and manage collaborations to pursue;

  •  Remediation of affected land and water to reduce long-term social and environmental liabilities 
  •  Repurposing mining site landform to enable second life use of assets, potentially commercially, or in public-private partnerships
  •  Recommercialisation by reprocessing mine waste with new technologies
  •  Researching new cost-effective technologies to reduce environmental impact of mining

Examples of these approaches are EQ Resources at Mt Carbine, recommercialisation of mine waste with new XRT technology.

Genex solar - pumped hydro power generation repurposing of mining site landform.

Phibion's development of its MudMaster® system for dewatering tailings storage facilities.

SoilCyclers remediation project to ameliorate soil deficits.


Through active participation, enviroMETS Qld’ collaborators build tailored solutions  for mutual benefit by focussing on, and contributing to, our go-to Expertise Steams.


An innovation ecosystem capability is derived through its unique ability to bring together and manage a wide range of capabilities across the participant groups to deliver tailored cutting-edge solutions to industry challenges. The landscape of current, prospective, and potential active participants illustrates how the innovation ecosystem can build unique collaborative relationships across six characteristic groups. 

The enviroMETS ecosystem can reach out across and beyond the mining industry offering solutions beyond the capability and scope of a single firm, or industry subgroup. The organisations shown below are representative of this ecosystem's potential.

Note: We have used industry recognised logos of organisations representative of the clustering ecosystem groups that can potentailly work together to generate new value for the sector.


enviroMETS Qld offers a single source robust solution to complex post mining land use challenges.

    1. Identification and feasibility of innovative solutions for projects to improve the economic, social, and environmental value of mining affected land.
    2. Superior client solutions from an open collaborative approach is beyond that possible from a single source.
    3. Access to extensive knowledge and experience to solve increasingly complex mine site and industry level challenges. 
    4. Multiple ecosystem perspectives to identify solutions, from within and beyond the mining industry.
    5. Effective engagement with local, state and commonwealth governments and their policy drivers.
    6. Global affiliations brings skills, experience, knowledge, and connections to develop solutions. 
    7. Client project risk is diminished by collaborators sharing both the risk and opportunity. 
    8. External investor funding can be attracted to de-risked projects.


Being founded on a not-for-profit innovation ecosystem model allows enviroMETS Qld to tailor our project capability as managed venture consortiums developed across our collaborator groups.enviroMETS Qld offers a single source robust solution to complex post mining land use challenges.

Mine lifecycle planning

    • Mining methods
    • Project feasibility studies
    • Landform design
    • Repurposed (2nd life) business model; tourism, energy, sport facilities, property,..
    • Social & environmental value model

Geochemical & Mine Affected Water

    • Geochemistry & ARD (testing and lab)
    • Contaminated site assessment
    • Hydrogeology & water balance
    • Water-efficient & beneficial reuse 
    • Mine water recovery & treatment
    • Natural and engineered wetland treatment

Mine Waste Reprocessing

    • Characterisation (testing and lab)
    • Material handling
    • Extractive metallurgy research
    • Mineral processing
    • Critical (& rare earth) mineral recovery
    • Mineral processing innovation

Geotechnical & Tailings Storage Facilities

    • Characterisation (testing and lab)
    • Design, stability, and safety
    • TSF operation & management 
    • Containment systems
    • Progressive tailings rehabilitation
    • Repurposing / alternate uses

Mine Closure Management

    • Social / community engagement
    • Soil amelioration
    • Revegetation, ecology, biodiversity
    • Landform rehabilitation, economic use
    • Water management (erosion) 
    • Monitoring and sensing

Governance, Policy & Regulatory Framework

    • Financial assurance 
    • Costing, PPP investment models
    • Public engagement consultation
    • Indigenous land use
    • Permitting and approvals
    • Tenure, legal and social performance


      • Livelihood and regional community
      • Repurposing the mined landforms
      • Heritage and tourism
      • Infrastructure
      • First Nation’s engagement consultation
      • Social and environmental evaluation model

Associated Activities & Services to be delivered by enviroMETS

  • Finding ways to create sustainable, economic, social, and environmental value.
  • Hosting knowledge sharing seminars and problem-solving workshops.
  • Providing recognised go-to industry expertise.
  • Delivering training and development programs for participants.
  • Growing and building networks.
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