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  • Financial assurance, costing, PPP models
  • Public engagement consultation
  • Livelihood and community
  • Indigenous land use
  • Permitting and approvals
  • Tenure, legal and social performance


  • Jeff Stewart-Harris 
  • Allan Morton


  • TBA

Governance, Policy & Regulatory Framework

Within and beyond government, mining now has an extended range of stakeholders, more so with increasing attention on ESG outcomes and the visibility available with social media. This has given rise to more regulations, at multiple levels, together with compliance inspection and reporting obligations.

Abandoned Wolfram Camp Mine Site Amidst this the mining industry is striving to be and be seen as good corporate citizens. Increased governance, policy & regulatory requirements have been implemented in response to past behaviour and elevated community expectations. Many impose significant unproductive costs on industry.

enviroMETS Qld has a strong interest in contributing to achieve a net best sustainable long-term outcome for multiple stakeholders, industry, government and community. We are looking at projects where well-intended or reactive legislation is not achieving desirable outcomes for industry participants and mining affected communities.

We will identify areas of anomaly where policies and regulations are conflicting or undermining best practice outcomes for a sustainable mining industry investment in Queensland.

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