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  • First Nations - Indigenous land use
  • Local community engagement consultation
  • Livelihood and community
  • Social and environmental valuation


  • Angus Robinson
  • Jenny Agnew
  • Ross Browning


  • AusIMM

Community, Heritage & Cultural Values

Mining has a rich history in Queensland, starting in the early 1800s. It is our largest economic driver by far, it is a significant employer in all most all regions of the state, with about half of Brisbane's economy reliant on the mining sector. With that comes a very high integration with our communities, heritage, culture and environment.

In the past, the end of the extractive phase of mining was the beginning of the end for most mining towns. They do leave a history of past activities of mining people that when properly preserved with their landform can form the basis of new geotourism opportunities. 

Recognising and converting our mining heritage along with restoration of the pre-mining indigenous culture delivers tangible value for their local communities. It enables new commercial enterprises, many owned and operated by traditional groups to flourish.

enviroMETS projects build community, heritage, cultural and environmental value.

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